The following websites are also dedicated to colonial wargaming and colonial warfare during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Note: Due to the vagaries of Internet Service Providers, some of these links may only work periodically.

Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial Era Wargames Page.

Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial Era Wargames Page  
Probably the best and most inspiring website devoted to colonial wargaming.

The Amazing Adventures of The Red Shadow.

The Amazing Adventures of The Red Shadow
The Red Shadow is the inspirational nucleus for a series of wargame battles played with military figurines and set amidst France's pacification of Morocco, Algeria the Sahara and West Africa at the end of the 19th Century.

The Bengal Club.

The Bengal Club
Originally founded to play colonial wargames, it is a society of gamers specializing in the 19th century.

By Jingo!

By Jingo!
An online magazine dedicated to the military history, wargames, and historical role playing of the Victorian and Edwardian eras (1837 - 1910).

The Colonial Angle.

The Colonial Angle
A page devoted to the hobby of collecting, painting, and playing games with tiny but perfect miniature figures of Victorian soldiers and their savage opponents.

Colonial Campaigns.

Colonial Campaigns
A web site dedicated to colonial wargame scenarios.

Darkest Africa - Sir Peter Across The Globe

Darkest Africa - Sir Peter Across The Globe
The heretofore unknown explorations of that madabout, gadabout Sir Peter de G. as he bashes his way across the unknown reaches of the Dark Continent, Darkest Asia, and Beyond.

Just Another Colonial Wargames Page.

Just Another Colonial Wargames Page
If you are interested in exploring the Dark Continent of Hotogstan (a fictional land of adventure and romance. Well ... not so much romance but lots of adventure) or battling Pathan warriors without leaving the comfort of your kitchen table then this is the place for you.

The Khyber Pass.

The Khyber Pass
A Page Devoted to Victorian Era Colonial Wargaming.


Find out about the lost Victorian Colonies in Morvalistan.

Pore benighted 'eathens.

Pore benighted 'eathens

Sir Garnet's 19th Century Military History and Wargaming Site.

Sir Garnet's 19th Century Military History and Wargaming Site

Sir Rand McNally's Colonial Page

Sir Rand McNally's Colonial Page
In the Colonial Age, one man helped to draw the maps of empire. Sir Rand McNally, emissary of Her Royal Highness, Queen Victoria, travelled the world. Part diplomat, part soldier, always at the thick of things, this site is dedicated to the story of how one lead man helped to shape the world.

Solo Colonial Wargames Page.

Solo Colonial Wargames Page
Sharing the Enjoyable Hobby of Wargaming with Miniature Figures and Victorian Era Warfare in a Fictional Campaign setting called "MyAfrica".

Tales of Zimdar.

Tales of Zimdar
A site devoted to Colonial and Victorian Science Fiction wargaming.


This site is about the colonial history in the 19th century and concentrates on miniatures games based on the exploration and colonization of Africa.

The Universal General.

The Universal General
Belgium's premier (and possibly only!) colonial wargames website.

Up the Nile ... without a paddle!

Up the Nile ... without a paddle!
 ...being the continuing saga of General Lord Colchester Blethering-Blethering's Governorship of the desert province of Sudistan...

Sergeants 3 - The Sword And The Flame Sergeants 3
Website dedicated to Larry Brom's The Sword And The Flame rules
Damned Human Race
(formerly Colonia! - Turn Of The Century War Gaming)
Gabriel Landowski's website contains the text of his rules and battle reports.
The Victorian Military Society.

The Victorian Military Society

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